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XLDB Spreadsheet Solutions

Waterfall Charts

Waterfall Charts

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XLDB Solutions releases the Waterfall Model developed in an Excel spreadsheet environment.

 Why buy this model

Waterfalls in modelling are usually represented by graphs which show how a value is affected by a series of changes to the inputs of variables. This is a critical aspect of waterfalls. One is able to quickly see the drivers' effects against the baseline.

 The problem is waterfalls are not easy to create because they require a good understanding of the business environment as well as technical know-how. Our template is a fully-fledged model with all the financial statements like income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows with a well-developed stacked waterfall. There is no need to build your model and waterfalls as this tool is fully customised and flexible. Use it to not only create waterfall models but also to learn about business.

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