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Balance Scorecard Creator

Balance Scorecard Creator

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XLDB Balance Scorecard Creator: A Comprehensive Tool for Strategic Planning

The XLDB Balance Scorecard creator is a powerful tool built in Microsoft Excel, designed to assist beginners in developing balanced scorecards. With no prior Excel skills required, this tool provides a comprehensive guide and implementation templates for all balance scorecard tasks.

Key Features

  • Process Input Checklists: The XLDB Balance Scorecard includes checklists for all the necessary inputs, ensuring you have all the information you need before you start.
  • Development Timelines: This tool provides a timeline for the development of your balance scorecard, helping you stay on track and meet your deadlines.
  • Team Formation Checklists: The XLDB Balance Scorecard helps you form your core team by providing checklists for team formation.
  • Themes Checklists: This tool also includes checklists for establishing themes for your balance scorecard.
  • Goal Establishment: The XLDB Balance Scorecard guides you through the process of establishing goals for your organization.
  • Strategic Maps: This tool includes templates for creating strategic maps, a key component of any balance scorecard.
  • Lag Lead Comparisons: The XLDB Balance Scorecard allows you to compare lag and lead indicators, helping you understand the cause and effect relationships in your organization.
  • And Many More: The XLDB Balance Scorecard includes many more features to assist you in developing a comprehensive and effective balance scorecard.


The XLDB Balance Scorecard is a comprehensive tool that simplifies the process of developing a balance scorecard. Whether you’re a beginner with no prior Excel skills or an experienced strategist, this tool provides everything you need to create a successful balance scorecard. Start your strategic planning journey with the XLDB Balance Scorecard today! 📊

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