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XLDB Solutions

Personal Debt Controller

Personal Debt Controller

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XLDB Solutions releases the Personal Debt Controller developed in an Excel spreadsheet environment for tenders and bids. 

So, what does Debt mean 

Debt is money owed by one party to another. Simple enough, but it often gets complicated very quickly because, in some circumstances, debt can be a useful financial tool or baggage, complicating your life.

The best way to handle your debt is to take control and manage it no matter how unpalatable. This is exactly how the XLDB Debt management tool helps by focusing on all your debt and pushing to control when you will be released and become debt free.

Key Features:

Everything you should need and expect from a contract model including

  • Log all debt and debt types including terms (up to 30 instruments)
  • Setup frequency, interest and terms
  • System calculates the debt summary and terms and route to debt free
  • Capture payments, and missed payments and create a calendar of due dates.
  • Make payments!
  • Review the wealth status dashboard.
Includes all databases and code, no licence locking required
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