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Org Chart Builder

Org Chart Builder

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Product Description

Organogram is an Excel tool which lets you create Organization charts in minutes. It's incredibly easy to use and has been designed to make it easy to create a variety of charts:

1) Organogram can create a simple and easy-to-understand Organisation chart or a more complex one where all the information needed to understand the structure of the organisation is supplied.

2) The graphical language used is simple and easy to understand.

3) You can include all the information that you need to know about your organisation, such as departments, managers, staff, products, services, contacts and more.

4) The best part about Organogram is that you can use to create charts for your organization or your clients.

5) You can then use the charts in PowerPoint or Excel, to present your organization professionally.

6) Or you can use the charts in Word or any other document to keep track of your organization.

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