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XLDB Solutions

Online Shop Business

Online Shop Business

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XLDB Solutions releases the Sales order tool developed in an Excel spreadsheet environment.


What is the Sales order tool?

This is a tool to manage any of your sales to customers to enter orders and match orders to customers.


Why Excel

We make solutions in Excel because at the end of the day, over 1 billion people already have Excel installed on their devices, and also, it's just about the most flexible application out there. This means when you buy our solutions, you not only get to use them, but you can customise them to pieces because we also give you the coding and logic base. You can eventually learn, adapt, and create your own solutions.

Not to mention all our solutions are priced well below any bespoke applications, but that does not mean you lose functionality, in most cases you gain.

In many cases many of our tools are unique and there are no alternative bespoke applications, let alone at that price. Includes all databases and codes with no licences required.

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