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XLDB Solutions

Members Club Business

Members Club Business

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XLDB Solutions releases the Membership manager tool developed in an Excel spreadsheet environment for tenders and bids

So, What is Membership Manager?

Membership manager tool software will help you organise how you connect with your members and disseminate information to market to specific membership groups. This tool also allows you to gather historical information so that you can forecast projects for the future based on proceeds you can expect to raise from your members. It also allows you to analyse data, such as the geographical locations of your members, the percentage of members who renew their membership each year versus those who don’t, and other information your non-profit feels is important. If the goal of a member’s club is to drive revenue, it will need to make some changes.

Our Microsoft 365 Excel template can help clubs track their revenue and costs so they can make informed decisions about how to invest their resources. One way to increase revenue is by adding more services or increasing the quality of existing services. However, this would also increase costs, which would then require more revenue from the members. Therefore, clubs need to be careful when setting their goals and ensure that they are achievable without compromising the quality of their services.

Key Features:

Everything you should need and expect from a contract model including

  • Create Secure Sign-in and sign-out environments for members!
  • Manage members’ database!
  • Create specific settings for tiered memberships!
  • Create recurring invoices and payment schedules!
  • Create custom membership plans!
  • Customise the database to your requirements.
  • Includes all databases and code, no licence locking required, so buy once and own forever.
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