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XLDB Spreadsheet Solutions

Cashflow Using Calendars

Cashflow Using Calendars

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XLDB Solutions releases the Cashflow Calendar Tool developed in Excel spreadsheet environment.


So what is cash flow management?

What is Cashflow? Well, simply it is a measurement of the amount of cash that comes into and out of your business or personal life in a particular period of time. Ultimately you want to achieve a cash flow all the time which means you have more cash coming in than you have to leave.

So, you are probably one step ahead now and can see that a negative cash flow means you can’t afford to make payments. Did you know the concept of having “enough money to meet your financial obligations” is also known as working capital?

Thus as our lives and business get more complicated the need to understand how much you have available at any point in time will allow you to manage your life for the future and meet obligations and generally have a better quality of life. The chief factor for 90% of all business failures is due to lack of or poor cash flow management. The biggest cause of financial stress for individuals is lack of or insufficient time spent on cash flow management.



Key Features:

  • Configure Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual Planner 
  • Add incomings and outgoings into a Calendar
  • Track movements directly from Calendar time periods.
  • Create CSV file ready to upload to banking or accounting apps.



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