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XLDB Solutions

Kanban Builder

Kanban Builder

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XLDB Solutions releases the Kanban tool developed in an Excel spreadsheet environment for tenders and bids.


So, What is Kanban?

Kanban is a methodology which enables teams and organisations to visualise their work to defeat bottlenecks, waste and chaos. It helps to achieve dramatic improvements in terms of throughput, lead time and quality, in almost any business function.

Kanban is about using the power of visual information. By post-it notes on a whiteboard, you can map your workload and obtain incredible visibility of processes. The method allows for tracking workflow and productivity within your team, thus making team goals easier to understand for everyone, and significantly improving communication between team members.

Unlike many other methods, Kanban incorporates an evolutionary approach, that is all about gradually implementing small, but meaningful improvements into an organisation's current process. This makes Kanban an easy and increasingly popular tool for managing any type of. The XLDB Solutions tool delivers all the required components to make visualisations using virtual post-it notes and tracking everything in the familiar Excel environment.

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