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XLDB Solutions

IT Commercial Pricing Model

IT Commercial Pricing Model

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XLDB Solutions releases the IT Commercial pricing model developed in an Excel spreadsheet environment for tenders and bids.


So, what is a Pricing Model?

Just about every industry in the world uses the outsourcing model for services and tasks that the business is not good at performing itself. There are companies out there that develop their business model around providing services to customers.

This model will assist anyone who is building or maintaining financial models for the pricing of services to tender on large-scale capital-intensive bids. absolutely everything is included in this model including the ability for the model to self-audit of warning of any issues.

There is no way we can describe everything this model does, but to say if you want to learn about bid modelling, you will find this model invaluable. Built to best practices in financial modelling, you will not find another like it anywhere else but here.


Key Features:

Everything you should need and expect from a contract model includes.


  • Linkage to XLDB IT pricing financials models.
  • Dynamic timelines and calendar
  • Capital expenditure schedules & depreciation calculations.
  • Costing profiles
  • Cashflows with working capital movements.
  • Detailed tax schedules
  • Multi-currency, multi regions settings
  • Unrecovered cost alerts and schedules.
  • Complete error checking
  • Self-Audit model
  • Dynamic contract annexes
  • Much, much more
  • Includes all databases and code, no licence locking required.
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