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XLDB Spreadsheet Solutions

Invoice Builder

Invoice Builder

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 XLDB Solutions releases the Invoice Builder developed in an Excel spreadsheet environment. 

What is an Invoice template

Every business, contractor or even individual will someday need to produce an invoice for providing their services or selling a product that is paid on credit terms. That is what an Invoice is. Excel is a perfect environment to create invoices because it not only has invoice visuals but, can also be used to collect and represent data from a database such as customers. This is what the XLD solutions Invoice gives you and separates you from others. It's a template with a database and you customise every aspect.

Key Features:

  • Create a new invoice!
  • Update existing invoice!
  • Save invoices!
  • Print invoices as PDFs!
  • Use Customer of the file to generate invoice!
  • Define sales taxes and auto-generate on invoices!
  • Create a customer database!
  • Create a Technicians database!

Includes all databases and code, no licence locking required, so buy once and own forever.





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