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Air Glider Simulator

Air Glider Simulator

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Introducing the Air Glider Simulator, a state-of-the-art flight simulation tool built using Microsoft Excel and VBA technology. This simulator is designed to provide an accurate representation of a 25-foot glider’s movement through the atmosphere. Here are some of its key features:

  • Accurate Representation: The simulator displays an accurate representation of the glider’s movement through the atmosphere, providing users with a realistic flight experience.
  • Flexible Glider Specifications: Users can manipulate and alter several glider dimensions and specifications, including the wings, stabilizer, fuselage, and effects of gravity and mass. This feature allows users to tailor the simulation to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Initial Speed and Angle: The simulator allows users to set the initial speed and angle of the glider, providing a more customized flight experience.
  • Digital Joystick: The simulator comes with a digital joystick for pinpoint flight guidance, offering users precise control over the glider’s movements.
  • User-Controlled Scaling Meter: This feature allows users to adjust the scale of the simulation, providing a more personalized flight experience.
  • Wind Tunnel Data: The simulator produces second-by-second wind tunnel data, providing users with valuable insights into the glider’s performance under various wind conditions.
  • Deep Dive Metrics: The simulator offers deep dive metrics for flight analysis, providing users with detailed information about the glider’s performance.
  • Professional Flight Analyzer: The Air Glider Simulator is not just a tool for entertainment, but a professional flight analyzer used by glider builders and test pilots in real-world test environments.

The Air Glider Simulator is a testament to the versatility and power of Microsoft Excel, demonstrating its potential beyond traditional spreadsheet applications. Whether you’re a professional glider builder, a test pilot, or an aviation enthusiast, the Air Glider Simulator offers an unparalleled flight simulation experience.

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