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CRM Tool

CRM Tool

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) developed in an Excel spreadsheet environment.


So, what is CRM?  

Let us start from the base because CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Specifically, it is an application designed to manage a company’s interactions with its customers and prospects.

There are so many CRM offerings available, most are now online and just about all of them use a licensing model. That means you never really get to fully own the system, you are using it as long as you keep paying every month or every year.

XLDB Solutions are working against that. Our CRM tool is primarily used for contact management and sales management tools, where a CRM system provides a central hub that holds all the data for your business contacts. This might include your customers, prospects, suppliers, partners, press and even colleagues.

Over time, the system will build up a history of your interactions with each contact. This might include emails, calls, meeting notes and sales. The beauty of this is that everything is in one place in your Excel spreadsheet, creating efficiency and providing clear visibility of your sales pipeline. All this is for a one-off fee to purchase, then you not only get the application but we also unlock the source code, so you are free to customise, reuse, distribute and do what the heck you wish, at a cost that is so far below anyone else's. 



Key Features:

  • Based on the central dashboard.
  • Manage Emails
  • Manage documents.
  • Create alerts and reminders!
  • flexible access to the contacts database
  • Source code access
  • Share, upload and download data.
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