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Contract Pricing Financial Model

Contract Pricing Financial Model

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This is the only financial model of its kind in the world. It has been built by a world-class financial modeller and is commercially tested.

BUILD YOUR CONTRACTS FROM THIS MODEL - Use this model to create your own contracts and pricing schedules. It is easy to use and has all the features you need.

FINANCIAL MODELING EXPERTS - This is the perfect tool for financial modelling experts who want to create their own models. With this model, you can run any pricing scenarios you like.

Key Features:

Everything you should need and expect from a contract model including

  • Linked assumption register.
  • Dynamic timelines and calendars
  • Milestones and milestone calculations linked to payment mechanisms
  • Implement project budgets and controls.
  • Capital expenditure schedules!
  • Cashflows with working capital movements.
  • Operating expenses with consolidated Income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheet
  • Detailed tax schedules
  • multi-currency, multi regions settings
  • FRS 5 compliance and auto submissions.
  • Unrecovered costs alerts and schedule.
  • Dynamic contract annexes

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