When I right click on sheet tab in excel it doesn't work

You may find at sometime that you are not able to right click of a worksheet tab, somehow the click does not respond. The problem stems from a corruption in the start-up files, why this happens is not clear.


If this is happening to you, you are amongst many of us, and fortunately there is a fix. Just follow my advice below:

  1. Open windows explorer and navigate to C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel If you are struggling then copy the detail in the punctuation and paste this into your explorer "%appdata%\Microsoft\Excel")
  2. You should see a number of folder and possibly a file and see if is contains Move those files to some other location as a backup.
  3. You should now have an explorer folder with no folders or files.
  4. Open up Excel and try the right click on a worksheet tab.
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