01_Intermediate: Drive PowerPoint slides directly from Excel

If it's never happened to you, it will and why not be ready? It’s almost 5:00 pm, and you are due for a group meeting for a customer the next morning. The Excel model you built is complete, but now it just takes a LOT of copying, pasting, and positioning to get the PowerPoint ready.

You finish the slides and as you get ready to pack up for the end of the day you read a new message from your boss requesting a minor change. But of course, her change means you have to start all over with the copy and paste. It's 5:30 pm and you promised your partner you would be home on time today

With XLDB Solution, we have your back. Our Excel PowerPoint driver is your solution. We have all the details here Just learn or copy the file or both.

1. Build your charts in Excel

2. Create a new worksheet and paste in all the charts you need for the presentation.

3. Open VBA. To do this, you can either press ALT + F11, or you can take the following steps:

  • To show the developer tab, click on the Microsoft Office Button and click Excel Options.


4. In your VBA Editor window, click File => Insert => Module.

5. Paste the following code into the module.

6. Click Tools => References.

7. Add the Microsoft PowerPoint Library.

8 Now all you need to do is go to Excel and run the "CreatePowerPoint" macro! To make this easy, draw a rectangle shape in your Excel worksheet which contains all the charts you want to export to PowerPoint.

9. Now click your rectangle button you’ll have your presentation in seconds.

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