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XLDB Solutions

Maintenance and Facilities Management

Maintenance and Facilities Management

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XLDB Solutions releases the Maintenance manager tool developed in an Excel spreadsheet environment for tenders and bids.


So, what is a Maintenance Manager Tool?

Maintenance management is a process which controls the maintenance activities for a set of resources required to preserve assets or repair them to, an acceptable working order.

Any organisation that has resources can benefit from a maintenance tool because directly impacts the long-term success of an organisation. Assets that are poorly maintained experience frequent, unexpected downtime, and cause a ripple effect. Instability, inconsistent product quality, stopped production, and high operational costs jeopardise an organisation’s profitability and longevity.


What does the tool give you?

This tool provides a number of benefits including:


  • Lessening the probability of resource downtime or total failure
  • Extending asset life
  • Developing maintenance work plans
  • Control of resource costs
  • Improving product quality
  • Developing improved policies, procedures, and standards
  • Complying with regulations
  • time to grab a copy.


Why is this in Excel?

Our DNA is in developing solutions through Microsoft Excel. You see to most people Excel is simply a spreadsheet, used mainly for doing financial calculations. However, Excel is much more....... Excel is a fully-fledged RAD (Rapid Application Developer), yes application. It means on the right-hand Excel can be used to create complex, dynamic applications.

We make solutions in Excel because at the end of the day, over 1 billion people already have Excel installed on their devices, and, it's just about the most flexible application out there. This means when you buy our solutions, you not only get to use them, but you can customise them to pieces because we also give you the coding and logic base. You can eventually learn, adapt and create your own solutions.

Not to mention all our solutions are priced well below any bespoke applications, but that does not mean you lose functionality, in most cases you gain.

In many cases many of our tools are unique and there are no alternative bespoke applications, let alone at that price.


Key Features:

Everything you should need and expect from a contract model including


  • Setup order priorities, Status, Maintenance types, skills list, frequencies and durations
  • Monitor order status.
  • Monitor and review job status!
  • Monitor technician’s skills progress and job status!
  • Understand the top 10 failures and skills requirements.
  • Place work orders
  • Schedule maintenance runs
  • Manage equipment and parts database.
  • Manage technicians.
  • Maintenance of customer database
  • Includes all databases and code, no licence locking required, so buy once and own forever.
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