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XLDB Solutions

HR Administration Suite

HR Administration Suite

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XLDB Solutions releases the HR Admin Tool developed in Excel spreadsheet environment for tenders and bids 

Why but this tool 

HR administration tools have all got the same thing in common, in that they are primarily designed for large enterprises and so come with enterprise level ERP suites like SAP, or Oracle. They are also very expensive, inflexible and need specialist skills to configure. So what happens if your business does not warrant such an overhead?

Well, our HR Admin tool is built in Excel, it is not expensive, easily configurable by anyone with  basic understanding of spreadsheet, does not need expensive training, and, above all does a great job.

You can manage all your new employee registrations, booking leave of absence, monitor special events like birthdays, manage holidays and also administer payroll activities. Issue employee ID ad cards and manage time clocking and time-sheeting with auto payroll.

It’s worth it.

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